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J. Travis Grundon has an academic background in English.

 He is the author of one novel, Mr. Bad Example, and two short story collections

Travis served as an editor and 

contributing author of Forrest J Ackerman's Anthology of the

 Living DeadHe lives in Indiana.

"J. Travis Grundon is a passionate, modern storyteller. His dystopian tales are the stuff of delightful nightmares."  - Author Joe Schwartz, Games Men Play

"J. Travis Grundon’s stories contain a dark realism that makes the characters seem like your neighbors as you watch the story unfold through your side window. He is a real talent to the literary world. " - 
Director DP Bonnell, Happy Hooker Bang Bang 

"J. Travis Grundon's writing is quite strong as I had no trouble visiting these stories in my mind...I just didn't like being there much after I got there. That IS a compliment." - Director John Taylor, LEACH

"J. Travis Grundon is a visionary. You better watch out!" - Nicholas Grabowsky, Red Wet Dirt/ Black Bed Sheet Books

"J. Travis Grundon 's stories are as familiar as sitting down to afternoon tea, but his ideas are as exotic and intoxicating as a good stiff shot added to the mix." - Author B.C. Brown, A Touch of Darkness

“J. Travis Grundon’s work has a unique voice in a world of similar voices, something that writers twice his age don’t have. His work, whether they’re straight-out horror, noir mashups or just plain weird, tells stories that strike nerves and stay in the memory long after you’re finished.” –Author John F.D.Taff, Little Deaths

"J. Travis Grundon is an extremely diverse author, who draws you in with his definitive characters and the vivid stories they tell." - Kitsie Duncan, Model/Actress

"J. Travis Grundon is more than a writer; he's an unstoppable force." -Author  L.B. Goddard, The Monsters Next Door

“J. Travis Grundon is a true talent that makes turning the page the incredible experience it should be!" - Director Joshua Hull, Beverly Lane

"Travis creates gritty, realistic characters that you may not always like, but that's what makes them real." Author Justin Brock-Jones, Valley Falls

“Grundon's work is stark, effective, and inventively playful. It's like fine literary nourishment, only incredibly uncomfortable and sadistically twisted." Director Jakob Bilinski, Shade of Grey

“Gripping, intense, and unforgettable! J. Travis Grundon has an uncanny ability to suck you into a story. There is no “off limits” in his work. Any story written by him will be a true treat to any ones taste from the light reader to the truly demented hardcore fan!” - Author Leslee Marie Schaffer, Fracas: A Collection of Short Friction.

HOTEL STORIES (2015) is a selection of stories by members of the Vincennes Writers Group. The short stories are connected by a hotel theme. 

MR. BAD EXAMPLE (2013) is the story of Harlow Kingston, a wine loving social misfit, who fell in love with the girl next door. He tried to be the man she wanted, but he fell for (and into bed with) many other women along the way. He does his best to ignore his shortcomings by staying drunk, but it doesn't take long before his bad choices start catching up to him. He becomes a magnet for pointless sex, crazy people, and death.

Currently Out-Of-Print

Quixotic (2013)

kwik- sot-ik


1.) extravagantly chivalrous or romantic; visionary, impractical, or impracticable.

2.) impulsive and often rashly unpredictable.

The Table of Contents:
Star Crossed – Jennifer L. Miller
Marionette – Charlotte Gledson
Nature of the Beast – Benjamin Martinson
Sunday - A. J. Brown
Sirena – Michael Critzer
A Game of Frisbee – Jean Michelle DeSanto
Fulfilling a Fantasy – Amanda L. Crandall
Legacy – Leslee Marie Lewandoski
Mercy – J. Travis Grundon
One Box and Two Suitcases – B.C. Brown
Dying to be with you – Lindsey Beth Goddard
Vermin Free – Justin Brock-Jones
Hell's a Cabin- Joe Moe

Happy Hour Blues (2012) picks up where Eclectic Collection left off, with gritty, character-driven tales. What could go wrong when a boy and his friends try to snap a Polaroid of teenagers having sex in a cemetery? What would happen if choosing between a best friend and a girlfriend was a life or death decision? How would a guy deal with his sister being raped and murdered, if the killer was given two life sentences for his crime, and what if the nice girl you met in the bar had a deadly secret? Happy Hour Blues is J. Travis Grundon's 2nd collection of short stories. This book weaves in and out of the lives of people at their best and worst. Often astucious and bleak, these stories can't be unread.

Fracas: A Collection of Short Friction (2011) This a collection of new trangsgressive fiction including Garrett Calcaterra, Joe Schwartz, John F.D. Taff, J. Travis Grundon, Scott Lefebvre and many more.

Transgressive fiction is a genre of literature that focuses on characters who feel confined by the norms and expectations of society and who break free of those confines in unusual and/or illicit ways. Because they are rebelling against the basic norms of society, protagonists of transgressional fiction may seem mentally ill, anti-social, or nihilistic. The genre deals extensively with taboo subject matters such as drugs, sex, violence, and crime. The genre has been the subject of controversy, and many forerunners of transgressional fiction, including William S. Burroughs and Hubert Selby Jr., have been the subjects of obscenity trials. Other prolific authors of this nature include J.G. Ballard, Charles Bukowski, BretEaston Ellis, Chuck Palahniuk and Elizabeth Young.

Transgressional fiction shares similarities with splatterpunk, noir, and erotic fiction in its willingness to portray forbidden behaviors and shock readers. Some people have compared this literary style to the Grindhouse style of film making. Fracas: A Collection of Short Friction is designed to tap the new voices of transgressive fiction. These stories will leave an impression.

Eclectic Collection (2010) is a feast of fiction, that illustrates J. Travis Grundon's love, and craft of short stories. It features stories previously published in HELP: An Anthology to Benefit Preditors and Editors, Twisted Dreams Magazine, The Monsters Next Door and Concrete Blood, as well as several brand new pieces.

TOE TAGS 2 -15 tales of weird horror from the best up-and-coming authors of fiction! Stories by Brian Barnett, William Pauley III, Andersen Prunty, Jordan Krall, David W Barbee, Kevin Shamel, Steve Lowe, Laura Eno, Jodi MacArthur, Suzie Bradshaw, Garrett Calcaterra, John F.D. Taff, J. Travis Grundon, Alan Spencer, Lee Hughes, and macbre poetry by Joey Froehlich.

Forrest J Ackerman's Anthology of the Living Dead (2009) Fans of Uncle Forry, zombies, and everything horror rejoice! Nicholas Grabowsky's Black Bed Sheet Books is proud to present FORREST J ACKERMAN'S THE ANTHOLOGY OF THE LIVING DEAD. This represents one of Forry's very last literary outings with blessings from the Ackerman estate. Contributors include Uncle Forry himself (forward), Del Howison, Joe Moe, Cassandra Lee, Eric Enck, Axelle Carolyn, Steve "Uncle Creepy" Barton (introduction) and many more! Edited by J. Travis Grundon &  L.B. Goddard, this is a must-have read and an extraordinary achievement for zombie lore!




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J. Travis Grundon, photo by Brandon S. Bennett

Travis with Chuck Palahniuk

Travis and Author Joe Schwartz

Travis, during a signing at Boxcar Books in Bloomington, Indiana

Travis and Author/Legend, Clive Barker

J. Travis Grundon, by Joel Robinson