About Me

J. Travis Grundon has an academic background in English. He is the author of one novel, Mr. Bad Example, and two short story collectionsTravis served as an editor and contributing author of Forrest J Ackerman's Anthology of the Living DeadHe lives in Indiana.

Praise for J. Travis Grundon

"J. Travis Grundon is a passionate, modern storyteller. His dystopian tales are the stuff of delightful nightmares."  - Author Joe Schwartz, Games Men Play

"J. Travis Grundon’s stories contain a dark realism that makes the characters seem like your neighbors as you watch the story unfold through your side window. He is a real talent to the literary world. " - 
Director DP Bonnell, Happy Hooker Bang Bang 

"J. Travis Grundon's writing is quite strong as I had no trouble visiting these stories in my mind...I just didn't like being there much after I got there. That IS a compliment." - Director John Taylor, LEACH

"J. Travis Grundon is a visionary. You better watch out!" - Nicholas Grabowsky, Red Wet Dirt/ Black Bed Sheet Books

"J. Travis Grundon 's stories are as familiar as sitting down to afternoon tea, but his ideas are as exotic and intoxicating as a good stiff shot added to the mix." - Author B.C. Brown, A Touch of Darkness

“J. Travis Grundon’s work has a unique voice in a world of similar voices, something that writers twice his age don’t have. His work, whether they’re straight-out horror, noir mashups or just plain weird, tells stories that strike nerves and stay in the memory long after you’re finished.” –Author John F.D.Taff, Little Deaths

"J. Travis Grundon is an extremely diverse author, who draws you in with his definitive characters and the vivid stories they tell." - Kitsie Duncan, Model/Actress

"J. Travis Grundon is more than a writer; he's an unstoppable force." -Author  L.B. Goddard, The Monsters Next Door

“J. Travis Grundon is a true talent that makes turning the page the incredible experience it should be!" - Director Joshua Hull, Beverly Lane

"Travis creates gritty, realistic characters that you may not always like, but that's what makes them real." Author Justin Brock-Jones, Valley Falls

“Grundon's work is stark, effective, and inventively playful. It's like fine literary nourishment, only incredibly uncomfortable and sadistically twisted." Director Jakob Bilinski, Shade of Grey

“Gripping, intense, and unforgettable! J. Travis Grundon has an uncanny ability to suck you into a story. There is no “off limits” in his work. Any story written by him will be a true treat to any ones taste from the light reader to the truly demented hardcore fan!” - Author Leslee Marie Schaffer, Fracas: A Collection of Short Friction