Saturday, February 10, 2018

Not Dead Yet...

It looks like Hell Awaits isn't dead yet! 

A few years ago I wrote a vampire book. It was fun to write but it was a bloody mess. Now, I've combined this story with the project I wrote for the James Patterson Masterclass, to create a whole new, gritty crime story. I've brought the story into the modern era and removed the vampire elements. 

The story has changed but the title stays the same. 

While I haven't been sharing much info, I've also been working on my Hispanic, female P.I. novel and a horror anthology comic, called Brutal Planet. We'd like to have a Halloween 2018 release date, but this is purely a passion project. There is no hard deadline or pressure. 

There is still no word on any of my other projects (TERMS, Run Straight Down) I've had to postpone. Stay tuned for more details on these project, Rudo Can't Fail, and more!

- Travis