Friday, November 4, 2016

Update & A Baby

October was a busy month. Things have been a little crazy. I had a birthday, we moved, and I've neglected my website again. However, the biggest news is that we welcomed Baby Briar into the world!

Briar Lucinda Love Grundon - 7lbs 11oz
Oct. 13th, 2016

It was nice to have us all together when we took Briar home from the hospital. We are all moved into our new place. We still have a little work to do on the house, but we won't be staying long. We still have our hearts set on moving out of Indiana as soon as possible. 


Meanwhile, I have officially announced (via Twitter and Facebook) that I've started rewrites on the book incarnation of TERMS. After talking with Joshua Hull, Mike Dobrzelcki, and two different publishers, we've decided that it's time to get this book out. Stay tuned for more details!

Now that things are settling down I'm ready to get into some serious writing.