Sunday, April 19, 2015


Surf's Up By J. Travis Grundon

Mystery Photo story contest Runner Up
Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine, June 2015

My partner was already on the scene when I sobered up enough to join him.

“The victim is a white female, blond, with light freckling,” Bowers said. “She's approximately 20 to 30 years of age.”
“Who found her?”

“Some kid, having a picnic with his family. He's pretty shaken up.”

“A dead body would make anyone lose their appetite,” I replied. “Did forensics find anything?”

“Nothing out of the ordinary. She obviously drowned.”

“You know who this is?”

“I figured it was just some chick working on her breaststroke.”

“Not hardly. This 'chick' was a Cascais Pro surfing champion.”

“It's too bad she wasn't a championship swimmer,” Bowers chuckled.

“Surfers are generally very good swimmers.”

“What are you suggesting?”

“Beautiful championship surfers don't wash up on the beach every day, Bowers.”

“You think she was murdered?”

“I wouldn't rule it out just yet. Something smells fishy.”

“Who do you think did it?”

“Professor Plum in the library with the candle stick,” I replied. “How should I know? This might take some real detective work.”

“I've heard drowning is a peaceful way to die.”

“Tell her family that. I'm sure it'll help,” I said. “And while you're at it, have the lab check for salt water in her lungs.”

“She drowned in the ocean.”

“She was found on the beach. Maybe somebody wants us to think that's what happened.”

“You really suspect foul play here, huh?”

“Call the lab. I need another cup of coffee.”