Tuesday, June 11, 2013

It's An Update!

The MR. BAD EXAMPLE stickers are here! 

These stickers make great bookmarks and you can get one by backing the Indiegogo campaign. Time is running out to get these limited edition perks. I'm not asking for much, but I need your help to bring my new book to a bookstore, convention or bar near you! 

Now that the MR. BAD EXAMPLE campaign is rolling it is time for a few updates on my other projects. 

1.)Things are also coming together on TERMS. The first table read went VERY well and filming will begin this October! 

2.) The Well Hung Pictures film TREPIDATION (Directed by Brandon Bennett & Written by J. Travis Grundon) will be a part of The Collective Vol. 6! It will premiere in Indy, as a part of the DAYS OF THE DEAD film festival. You can check out the full film schedule here.

3.) Quixotic: Not Everyday Love Stories is finished and ready to go to print. This is a great collection that reunited several Anthology of the Living Dead and Fracas: A Collection of Short Friction authors. I'm happy to serve as an editor and contributing author on this book. 

I'm excited to share pages with many of my friends in this book. We have some very good stories here. People are really going to like this book and I look forward to what my readers think of my story, MERCY. 

4.) The CLV limited edition VHS editions of MEATEATER are all sold out. If you missed your chance to get a copy, it is too late. You can still see the Darkrider Studios adaptation of my story, Contravention, on The Collective Vol. 1 DVD, available from JABB Pictures

Make sure you follow me on Twitter @JTravisGrundon for updates on all of these projects and don't forget to back the MR. BAD EXAMPLE campaign and get some great perks! 

- Travis