Friday, May 10, 2013

The Next Bad Thing

This is not the final cover art.

My new book is called Mr. Bad Example.

"A drunken love story, full of sex, drugs, rock n roll, and other family values."

Harlow Kingston is the wine loving social misfit who fell in love with the girl next door. He tried to be the man she wanted, but he fell for (and into bed with) many women along the way. He does his best to ignore his short comings by staying drunk, but it doesn't take long before his bad choices start catching up to him. He becomes a magnet for pointless sex, crazy people, and death.

He drinks his way into the hearts of three women he can't get enough of. One wants to help him be happy. One wants him all the time and doesn't care about anything else. The third wants him to grow up, stop drinking his life away, and do something with himself. Then there are the other ladies he has gotten carnal with.

Harlow finds himself in a series of alcohol fueled bad situations before he's forced to make a choice. He has to stop his foolish, fleshy ways and settle on one of the amazing women in his life. A good woman won't wait around forever, but even if he makes the wrong decision, it changes everything. Someone has to get hurt.

Sometimes you love someone so much, all you can do is #@$% it up.

You can help us spread the word and bring this book to readers everywhere by backing the Mr. Bad Example Project indiegogo page!

Crowd funding has been very successful for bands, indie filmmakers, and many other creative projects. There isn't any reason fans can't support a book related venture in the same way and collect some super swell perks too!

I will have more details about the book, the final cover and an official release date very soon!

- Travis