Sunday, April 14, 2013

Getting Ready For Record Store Day

Music is a very big part of my writing process. I love it. I listen to music when I do everything and Record Store Day is a big part of music. 

We need to support record stores. Music is going digital as much as books are, and we need to try to save these stores.  I don't want to lose the touch and smell of a new record, as much as I don't want to lose the feel and scent of a new book.

Anyone who loves music has a great memory of walking into a record store. There is some album, or certain song, they heard that changed their lives. I know Record Cellar (Vincennes, Indiana) gave me a lot of great memories. I hope to keep building those memories, and share them with my daughter. She has some great taste in music.I want her generation to have music stores. 

I think we need to celebrate these record stores. I know we will be. I hope we see you out there!

- Travis