Tuesday, January 8, 2013

More Changes For The New Year

One of the newest additions to Insomnious Press.

"Insomnious Press has officially absorbed Glorious Bastards Press. The Glorious Bastards (Joe and Travis) have joined their roster of authors. They will both be releasing their next works through this new press group. Insomnious will also be re-releasing Fracas: A Collection of Short Friction. Changes will be made. More details will be made available soon. For future plans and information on authors under the Insomnious banner, check out their Facebook page and website."

Credit: Glorious Bastards Press Facebook page

I have added a link (bottom left) to the Insomnious Press website.

Things are changing and 2013 is starting out very productive. I am still polishing the novel that will be released instead of Lurid Me/ TERMS. I am also putting together a new collection of short stories and working a few new pieces to submit to various publications.

I will not be giving any more details on these projects until they are finished and ready to be released. I don't want to be the guy who keep saying I'm doing something and not delivering on my promises. I get very excited about my work and information about it. I want to share it with the world but it is better to wait.

Quixotic: Not Everyday Love Stories is nearly finished. Lindsey Goddard and I are still very excited about this project. We just received the art influenced by my story, Mercy, and we are still waiting on more art work, but things are moving forward!

Art by Lydia Bargielski, inspired by my Quixotic story, Mercy.

I hope to be able to release the full Quixotic table of contents soon.

This is going to be a very busy year. I mean busy in a good way. There should be a lot of book and movie news in my near future and I hope to be able to keep this website updated with details on everything. Stay tuned!

- Travis