Monday, December 17, 2012

What's Next?

UPDATE: Due to circumstances beyond my control LURID ME will not be moving forward. The story must stay under wraps, until an adjoined project is finished. We will be changing the title back to the original title and there is no official word on when the book will actually be released. 

Original post:

I'm honored to be in the Word Weavers spotlight this week and I've decided that would make it the perfect week to start talking about my next book, LURID ME.

LURID ME tells the story of a group of young people living in a medical facility who make a pact to take control of their lives and deaths. This book will break away from my comfort zone of short story collections but it will keep the same unrelenting, character driven storytelling style. It is something very different.

We hope to have a release date and cover art available soon!

I'm also happy to announce that Jack Acid will be creating a score album  for LURID ME. The score will offer a haunting accompaniment  to your reading experience or just a dark, ambient soundtrack for you to listen to whenever you want. I'm excited to have a score to one of my books and I hope everyone will enjoy this collaboration.

You can check out Jack Acid's new  E.P. here.

Jack's Dead Tube Dead Kore is not the style we can expect for the LURID ME score but it is great, if you enjoy techno or electronica music. I look forward to having more details on the score album and possible samples very soon too!

- Travis