Thursday, October 4, 2012

A Free Creepy Story For October


By J. Travis Grundon
Taken from Eclectic Collection
This story is also the basis for the Darkrider Studios short film, Meat Eater. This short film was a part of the the very first JABB Pictures Collective DVD.

They grabbed every weapon they could get their hands on.  Some folks packed shotguns; others brandished pitchforks or other stereotypical lynch mob weapons. I opted for a baseball bat and my 1938 Walther P-38. The gun was old but accurate, like me.

Some stupid kids were playing in the woods near Greene Cavern, where they ought not have been playing. The little bastards were busting beer bottles and blasting their music, when they claimed something jumped out of the trees.

"I saw it with my own eyes. It was monster with huge teeth and claws!" Bobby Derris told everyone who'd listen.

"It's true," Heather Hanson confirmed. "It was all covered with hair and it tried to kill us!"
Sheriff Durham and the local authorities ordered everyone into their homes and told us all to lock the doors and windows. Of course trying to organize and protect a clan of gun toting rednecks was impossible. Nearly every boy and man in town loaded their trucks to hunt this beast, all on the word of some teenagers.
Even if the kids had been drinking, it didn’t take much to incite folks in Greene County. About the only thing we had was a little diner, a barber shop, a supermarket and a bar. We didn’t even have a Wal-Mart store, so everyone was ready for some excitement at any minute.
I tried to stay out of folks way as best as I could. I was content back up in the woods, in my own house. I just live a couple miles from the cave and almost every bit of land surrounding it belonged to either my family or the state. I don’t like trespassers and I sure as shit didn’t take too kindly to folks traipsing around that area.
  “Jed, you know that area pretty good. When we get out there can you show us where the cave is?” I heard a man holler.
It took me a moment to realize he was talking to me. It took another minute to decide if I wanted to go. I just wanted to buy supplies and go back home. I just wanted to be left alone, but at least if I was a guide for the crazy expedition I could have some hope of steering people from where they ought not be.
 “Yep, just have them kids show us where they’s attacked and I’ll get ya to the cave from there.”
When we got to the spot where the teenagers said they were attacked everyone gathered in a big circle in the middle of the road. There were a lot people interested in finding whatever had spooked these kids. Most of them were armed to the teeth.
I was stunned by the turnout and the ridiculousness of the whole situation, but what freaked me out the most was that Sheriff Durham had brought his 12 or 13-year-old son. It was crazy to assume these assholes would actually find anything, but if they did it sure as hell wouldn’t be a place to have little kids.
 If shit hit the fan, I was the only one who knew what was going to have to be done.
“I’m not right sure a monster hunt is the best place for a boy his age, sheriff,” I suggested.
“Bullshit, he goes hunting with me all the time, don’t ya boy?” The sheriff laughed, rustling the boy’s shaggy hair. “Besides, unless I miss my guess, this’ll be more like snipe huntin’.”
  “This is different. I’m just not sure it’s safe,” I tried to protest again.
  “I’ll tell you what. You let me worry about my son and I’ll let you worry about being a crazy ole hermit.”
Kids compliment things.
All I could do was shake my head in disappointment, as the mob began to split into two groups, like picking teams to play basketball. Once we were divided, it was decided that one team would check the woods around my house and the other would check the cave.
One group consisted of two of the boys who filed the report, Kevin Dunn and Bobby Darris, Bobby’s dad Rick, Michael Goldman, Mike Morrison, Tom Peters, Colby Erwin, and Deputy Willie Harris.
The other group was Sheriff Durham, his son Kaleb, Deputy Rick Hanson, and Rick’s sister Heather, Butch Walker, Jesse and Robert Jones. I wanted to go with the team that was going to be poking around my home, but I knew the sheriff knew this area pretty well, so I went with him. Besides I knew there weren’t any monsters in my backyard.
We marched into the trees like zealots. It reminded me of when I was a younger man, sneaking through the slip in Vietnam. I tried to shake a jumble of bitter memories from that time. I just keep moving, using my baseball bat as a walking stick.
Hunting monsters made just as much sense and I felt like we had an equal lack of business doing what we were doing. I didn’t feel threatened. It made sense that if you wondered into the wild that you be reminded of your place. Instead humans were afraid of what they didn’t understand or control. If a shark attacks a person in the ocean, they kill the shark. I think: kill the human or keep them out of the damn water. But I kept my thoughts to myself.
Things were quiet, except for the shuffling of our steps. We were able to move peacefully through the trees without incident and pointless conversation until Deputy Dumb-ass decided that a hunting party was a perfect time to chit chat.
“People sure have seen a lot of crazy shit out in these woods right, Jed?” Deputy Hanson asked.
“I don’t catch what you’re tryin’ to say, Rick.”
“Well, I’m just saying this is the third or fourth time someone has reported seeing a big, hairy monster out here.”
  “They were all bat-shit crazy,” Sheriff Durham interjected.
“Mrs. Wilkerson may have been crazy, but Jeff Morrison swore he saw Bigfoot out here and Rodney Davis saw it, too.”
Deputy Hanson continued rambling on about the people who reported seeing monsters in Greene County. Some got so terrified they moved away. Others were considered crazy. The only reliable people who had reported sightings had been the victims of accidents.

To be continued...

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