Sunday, June 10, 2012

Coming To TERMS With A New Director

A lot of people have been asking me about what is going on with the movie TERMS. To be honest I have more questions than I have answers. I know the movie is moving forward with a new director, Mike Dorbzelecki, and that he is working on a rewrite of the script.

Dorbrzelecki is also very busy with his short film, DIE DEVELKOK DIE!

Here is the teaser for DIE DEVELKOK DIE!

I never expected the script I sent to Joshua Hull to be the final script that would be shot. I expected Hull to make a few changes. Dorbzelecki is working over the script to fit his vision of the film. I don't know what his vision is. Dobrzelecki is still working on his rewrite and we have not had the chance to talk much. He has told me that he is ready to collaborate fully on this. That works for me.

I can promise that the original story will be preserved in the novelization of TERMS. I am still planning to release this book around the time of the TERMS movie. I still have not landed on a publisher for this book. I have a couple to pick from and it will be easier once I can talk about the plot more.

One of my friends has suggested that TERMS will be a lot like Fight Club or American Psycho. The book will be a different creature from the movie but both will be excellent. Another friend agrees and added that in most cases the book is better. I think both will be awesome in their own way. The book will no doubt be different from the movie and it will have an original cover by my friend, Diane Irby. I'm honestly excited as hell about the book.

Check out Diane Irby here:

Until next time I will stay focused and look forward to all of the new developments on TERMS. I will also be keeping everyone posted on the Happy Hour Blues Collective film project and other kick-ass things in development. I've been talking to a lot of directors that I admire and there are some cool things on the horizon. I also hope to be able to announce a publisher for the TERMS book and details on my next short story collection in the very near future.

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- Travis