Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Happy Hour Blues Collective

JABB Pictures and J. Travis Grundon are joining forces to bring you the Happy Hour Blues Collective!

This collaboration will be a series of short films based on stories from Grundon's book Happy Hour Blues. The films will be directed by the hottest up and coming indie filmmakers and they will be presented in the same style as previous JABB Picture Collective DVDs. J. Travis Grundon and JABB have cross paths before. Darkrider Studios used a story written by Grundon as a part of the very first Collective DVD. Since then JABB has become THE force in anthology movie making.

The Happy Hour Blues Collective promises to deliver the same grit and graphic story telling fans would expect from JABB Pictures and J. Travis Grundon!



Stay tuned for more details as directors are announced and this project moves forward!