Sunday, April 15, 2012

Update with an angel

Pam Grier and I

It has been too long since I have updated this blog. I have been focused on my personal life again. This page has been almost as neglectied as my Google+ account, but I have been micro-blogging/ Tweeting with Twitter. You can see those posts and keep up with the Twitter log on the right.

A lot has happened since my last blog.

The Happy Hour Tour is off to a slow start. I have already hit HorrorHound in Ohio and Boxcar Book in Bloomington, Indiana. I still have a lot more dates ahead. I haven't sold many books, but I had a great time at both of these events.

In Ohio, I was lucky enough to meet Pam Grier. I bought her book and gave her a copy of Happy Hour Blues. She seemed really happy. That may change when she reads it, but she loves gifts and she really loves books. She was incredibly lovable and it was awesome to meet her. I have been a fan for years and I hope you likes my work at least 13% as much as I like hers. That would be amazing.

The next event I packed my wares to was a solo signing, at Boxcar. I love the store and the people responsible for making it the cool place it is. As usual everyone was very nice and I was able to enjoy a day walking around Bloomington, Indiana. I didn't have many people show up for the reading or sell many books, but any time I get to be in Bloomington is worth it to me. I'll always welcome a chance to get a cup of coffee at SOMA, do some record shopping and eat irresistible food in my favorite Indiana city.

I'm planning to keep up with this blog a little better. My lack of updates is just a small example of how little I have been writing lately. I won't get into detail. It seems like every time I mention something about working on a project life gets in the way or the project falls short for another reason.

I'll just stick to posting about finished books and scripts.

TERMS is still in pre-production. Director Joshua Hull contacted me about registering the film with the SAG. I agreed that it seemed like the best way to get the best movie possible, the movie he and I both want. After talking to other people involved with the film it was decided to go ahead and register. I hope to have more details on TERMS and WOTLD soon.

I also hope to have details on another film project very soon.

That is all for now. Look for more updates in the near future, and make sure to follow me on Twitter and re-post links to Happy Hour blues on Amazon, for a chance to win a copy.


- Travis