Thursday, September 1, 2011

Let's Not Be Idiots

A few people have asked me what I think of Soulja Boy saying "F*** the troops." Honestly, I don't think of Soulja Boy...ever.

To clue a few in: Soulja Boy "wrote" and rap "song," where he rambles on for a very long time, in a mumbled, tone-def fashion about all sorts of shit. In this "song" he uses the line, "F*** the FBI and F*** all the troops." It's so stupid I won't even post it here, and I don't want this mental midget getting anymore hits on Youtube, but what do I think?

I'm not sure why people would ask me. I'm not a big rap guy. I'm not a Soulja Boy fan. I'm not even Justin Bieber,who collaborated with Soulja. I hope the Bieber is taking this controversy, wait I don't give a shit about him either!

Some people asked me because I love music and I am a huge freedom of speech guy. I don't have a big boner for the government or any war, but what I do have is a blog, the ability to convey my opinions and respect for the men and women, who serve our country.

I bitch about politics and war. I don't agree with it, but I don't say a cross word about the troops, who are doing what they (and our government)think is right. I'm not an idiot.

In his "song" Solja Bitch questions what the troops are fighting for. This is a serious topic, and a question I'm personally perplexed about, but at least these troops, that Soulja is insulting, are not shooting each other in the streets of our own country, over drugs, women, or wearing the wrong color. Yet Soulja is mentally inept enough to use the line "fighting for what," in his verbal diarrhea he calls Let's Be Real. The real soldiers are also not bragging about paying people to kill for them or shooting up funerals, like Soulless Boy raps about also.

The real issue is the line "F*** the Troops," a line so stupid I won't even type it, and I love the word fuck.

Soulja Boy,

I say, your opinion is shit. Your frustration is misguided, but you live in a country where you have freedom of speech. In America, even stupidity is protected, unfortunately. You can spout off about whatever you want, even if it makes you look like an ignorant thug.

Congratulations, on getting people to talk about you, trending on Twitter, and getting hits on YouTube. Stupid impressionable 14 year old boys everywhere, who might be able to understand your mumbling ass, must love you. I guess if you are into little boys, that's another dumb judgment issue I have with you.

Way to commit career suicide, you fucking know-nothing skid mark.

This is all of my time and thought I'm putting into this. The moral of the story is "Don't be a fucking idiot, and even if you can say whatever you want, it's not always the best idea. Oh, and you should probably educate yourself and direct you inner-city angst in the right direction." Lesson over.

Peace out, yo!

- Travis