Thursday, July 14, 2011

Quick & Dirty Updates!!!

It has been brought to my attention that my last blog was condescending and unfair. I agree and I am sorry, to anyone trying to work with me, or anyone who has delivered a story. I'm also sorry if I am not always the easiest person to get a hold of.
Having three email addresses, a Twitter and Facebook accounts make it easy to network, but I have forgotten to get back to some people, and I'm really sorry.
In a way I am really not much better than the people who are not coming through for me. That realization is humbling and disappointing. I need to remember not everyone talks to me in person or reads this blog every time I post something. I will try harder to be easier to communicate with.

There is news on 1000 Words, Fracas and Call of Lovecraft though...

1000 Words is not dead. It's just in a coma until I get enough stories.

The word is out and the buzz is growing about Fracas: A Collection of Short Friction.
Replacing certain authors was not a problem, when I had a lot of friends come out of left field, with some great stories. Since my last blog we have added B.C. Brown (author of Touch of Darkness and Sister Light, Todd Theroff, as seen in the Christina Ricci film, Pumpkin (& Nashville Roller Derby's The Bishop), and Leslee Marie Schaffer, as seen on Facebook. All three of these people are good friends and have contributed incredible stories that fit the book. I think fans of my work will enjoy their pieces too.
Fracas is shaping up to be a project I am already very proud of. I thinks it's great to be able to collaborate with so many friend, in a book full of so many cool stories. I have enjoyed reading everything we have so far and I can't wait for everyone to have a chance to get their hands on this one!

Call of Lovecraft is ALIVE! Despite any efforts I made to find a new home, I have come up short, but Author Greg L. Norris didn't. Norris has found a publisher of Call of Lovecraft and has been named the new editor. I can't name the publisher until they make their official announcement. What happens from here is a mystery. I have been asked to still be a part of this reincarnated creation, and I'm reworking one of my stories I wrote for this project.
I will keep everyone posted on developments on this as I get them.

I promised this was my year and it looks like things are looking up!

That's all for now. Until next time don't forget to check out Eclectic Collection in print and on the Kindle.

- Travis