Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Write Stuff

A little over a year ago I came up with the idea to build an anthology where every story is based on the same picture, and the idea that a picture is worth 1000 words. The collection was going to be cleverly titled 1000 Words. I eventually included my 1000 word story, Topless, in my book Eclectic Collection.

Sadly, Papercut Books went out of business, and the book was not released last spring. Since the death of Papercut, I have received a lot of messages and emails about this book. Apparently there is still an interest in the project and that makes me pretty happy.

I am willing to take on this project by myself. I really enjoyed the challenge of creating an unforgettable story from Michael Mullen's interesting photo. The down side to it all was that I only received 10 submissions for this collection that are really good and demonstrate the feel and quality I want this book to have. The other problem is that only one of the 10 stories is exactly 1000 Words.

Mr. Mullen's photo provides a great cover for an interesting and challenging project, I invite anyone who thinks that they are up to the challenge, to write an exactly 1000 word story based on the featured picture and email it to me at I would also invite everyone who has already submitted stories to revisit their work and bring them up to where they need to be, for this book.

Speaking of anthologies, after the before mentioned death of Papercut, Call of Lovecraft also stopped moving in the the direction of being published. I was sad that this book didn't make it to print, but when it was canceled, it left a void in my existence. In typical “me” fashion, I need to fill my plate with a lot of projects. I love to stay busy, work with fellow artist and authors and keep creating.

It was this frustration and drive that lead to a conversation with a friend, and the idea for a new anthology. The idea was to collect all of my author friends into one book and to give them the chance to take the gloves off and write some real, raw stories. The idea is to build an anthology of transgressive fiction.

I plan to call this new book Fracas: A Collection Of Short Friction

I also plan to have it available to order on Amazon or to buy directly from me at Contamination 2011, in June. This plan hinges a lot on if everyone gets their stories in by the end of April.

At this time Fracas is scheduled to include:
Joe Schwartz
Scott Lefebvre
John F.D. Taff
Jade Haggard
Sean Douglas
more authors to be named later.

Fracas will also include 2 news stories from me and a collaboration story by Scott Lefebvre and myself.

I'm really excited! This thing is going to be pretty awesome!!!

- Travis