Thursday, February 17, 2011

It's Kind Of A Funny Rejection Story

Once upon a time, my friend Robert Freese contacted me about a Bigfoot anthology, that was looking for stories. I wrote a story, called Contravention. Once I was finished it, I emailed it to the appropriate people and crossed my little fingers they would pick me. I really liked the story and I wanted it to have a good home. It wasn't like anything else I had done. There was just something about it. It wasn't the best thing I'd ever came up with, but I had a feeling it was a story destined for good things.

I just knew it would be picked up for the Mondo Sasquatch Anthology.

Fast forward to almost a year later, I haven't heard anything on if my story was going to be used, or even if the book was was still going to happen. I didn't even care anymore. I was busy working on my third version of Eclectic Collection, but after much editing and admitting things to myself, I was a couple stories short.

It was an easy fix. I had other stories, but when I wanted to add some newer stuff I came across the Sasquatch story. I remembered how much my editor and I liked it, but I didn't want to risk putting it out there, before the Mondo book was out. I might have had a little hope it would still happen.

I made one more attempt to contact the Bigfoot people, but I never got a response. In my experiences, that means the project is over and the publisher has fallen off of the face of the earth. I didn't really know if that was the case, but I felt a lot better about including Contravention in Eclectic Collection.

Fast forward again, to the Dark Carnival Film Festival. Eclectic Collection is already out and I have been shamelessly promoting it everywhere. Then Brandon Bennett and I were lucky enough to get to enjoy Dark Carnival and spend time with our friends from Dark Rider Studios. Actress/Model/ Producer/ My Awesome Friend Kitsie Duncan and I had already talked about a trade. She'd give me a copy of their movie Lethal Obsession and I'd give her copy of my book.

We were both happy with the trade, but I didn't expect an email from her less than a week later. As it turns out, Dark Rider was offered a spot in a film project called The Collective, and they were looking for a ideas, or a hairy monster story to adapt to film, for this project.

The funny thing is that Contravention was not only included in Eclectic Collection, but it was also the first story. Once Kitsie read it, she and Chris Jay agreed it was exactly what they were looking for. The rest, as they say is history.

If you follow this blog, or you have you finger on the pulse of what's cool, you know Contravention has been adapted into Dark Rider Studio's movie MEATEATER!


After the story is published, the film is shot and there have been no Sasquatch book sightings, I get an email from the publisher of the book. The email quickly sends me into a fit a laughter, when I read that they have chosen to reject the story, making for one of the best rejection stories ever!

J. Travis Grundon's Contravention will not be in the book Mondo Sasquatch, but you can read it in Eclectic Collection (now available on Amazon and at other fine stores) and watch for a version of it this Spring, from Dark Rider Studios(as a part of The Collective), called MEATEATER!!!

- Travis