Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Goddamn Eclectic Tour

It's finally here!

After almost of year of edits and multiple publisher issues Eclectic Collection is out. The only way to celebrate is to tour the cities that have been asking for this book and bring it to the people who want it. The Goddamn Eclectic Tour is designed to do just that.

Check out these dates and awesome bookstores!!!

Nov. 12th Subterranean Book - St. Louis, MO.

Nov. 20th The Mockingbird Book Emporium - Vincennes, IN.

Nov. 27th Boxcar Books - Bloomington, IN.

Mar. 25th - 27th HorrorHound Weekend - Indianapolis , IN.

More dates will be announced soon. All dates are subject to change due to circumstances beyond our control.

It would be great to bring this tour to great cities like Nashville, Austin Dayton, Pittsburgh and Burbank. If you know any great conventions or independent bookstores looking for author events help us make this happen!