Monday, June 21, 2010

What’s Tom Reading?

The July 2010 issue of MOJO Magazine features one of my all time favorite singers, songwriters and actors, Tom Waits, as guest editor. Waits is all over the place with 3 Tom’s picks lists, a wild Hank III interview, and two of Tom’s Buried Treasures pieces. This magazine is a must have for any Waits fan, or anyone that loves great music.

The following is a list of Tom Waits’ current favorite reading matter according to the July 2010 issue of MOJO Magazine. Tom’s Picks: Books

1.) Breece D’J Pancake - The Stories Of Breece D’J Pancake (Little Brown and Company, 1983)
2.) Frank Stanford – The Light the Dead See: Selected poems of Frank Stanford (University Of Arkansas Press, 1991)
3.) Robert Frank – the Americans (Grove Press, 1959)
4.) Paul Trachtman - The Old West: The Gun Slingers (Time/Life, 1974)
5.) Charles Wolfe and Kip Lornell – The Life and Legacy of Leadbelly (Da Capo, 1992)
6.) Jack Kerouac – Pic (Grove Press, 1971)
7.) Charles Bukowski – The Last Night On Earth Poems (Black Sparrow Press, 1992)
8.) Tennessee Williams – Hard Candy (New Directions, 1954)
9.) J. D. Salinger – Nine Stories (Little, Brown and Company, 1953)

10.) Michael Ondaat Je – The Collected Works of Billy the Kid: Left Handed Poems (Anansi, 1970)

11.) Charles Bukowski – It Catches my Heart in Its Hands: New and Selected Poems 1955- 1963 (Loujon Press, 1963)