Monday, March 22, 2010

Papercut Books brings you...Eclectic Collection

Some people may have noticed the Papercut Books logo at the bottom of this page. The reason that logo is on my page is because I am working with a collected group of magazine publishers, movie producers, artists and other authors to bring the world a publishing company that is focused on producing interesting, original fine quality books. We are bringing readers Papercut Books.

There are many great books scheduled to come out this year from Papercut, but I am excited to announce that one of the first two books to be released will be John F.D. Taff’s thriller KILL/OFF, and the other will be my long awaited book Eclectic Collection!

Eclectic Collection has been a work in progress for a very long time. This book includes most of my previously published work from The Silven Trumpeter, Help: An anthology to Benefit Preditors and Editors, Twisted Dreams Magazine, Concrete Blood and The Monsters Next Door. EC will be released with KILL/OFF at Con-tamination 2010, in St. Louis. At this convention John and I will be there to talk about Papercut Books and the other projects readers can look forward to.

One of those great projects will be the 1000 Words anthology; I had posted about in the past. More information will be available about this collection and an H.P. Lovecraft inspired anthology, on and here on J. Travis Grundon Dot Com, soon.

There are some amazing things to look forward to from Papercut Books and J. Travis Grundon…stay tuned…the future is NOW!!!

- Travis