Monday, February 22, 2010

RONDO creeps again for Forrest J Ackerman and Joe Moe!!!

If there's one most prestigious, genre-specific award in the world, it's gotta be the RONDOS! Every year, fans and pros alike vote for their favorite artists, products, publications and events. The awards are a treasured validation to all those folks working hard to keep Horror and Sci-Fi ALIVE!

This year marks the 8th annual RONDO HATTON AWARDS! And this year marks the nomination of: THE FORREST J ACKERMAN TRIBUTE as THE BEST FAN EVENT! If you were at the Tribute, I know you felt the profound impact of the experience. If not, you can read my account of the event at DREADCENTRAL.COM by clicking here: Forry Tribute

At the end of that article you'll have a chance to hear Forry's final farewell once more. Sad but sweet.

The competition is tough, but I believe the Forry Tribute is well worthy of this year's honor. The Tribute purely captured the spirit that lives within our genre and the incredible hand Forry played in perpetuating it and maintaining it over his 92 years. Thanks to The Egyptian Theater, Tim Sullivan, Dan Madigan and many others, this event not only honored the memory of our late hero, FJA. It also demonstrated how Forry's love of all things fantastical could live beyond him. Inspiring future generations of Monster GrandKids!

Please vote for:

17. Best Fan Event of 2008
- Tribute to Forrest J Ackerman, Grauman's Egyptian Theater, Hollywood, organized by Joe Moe

Vote at Classic Horror Film Boards by clicking here: Rondo Awards Ballot

Help me bring this one home to Horrorwood, Karloffornia for Uncle Forry!

Joe Moe is an authentic renaissance artist: a third generation Polynesian entertainer, studio vocalist (look for his solo CD: MAINLAND), screenwriter, FX artist and designer of dark-rides for international theme parks. Random trivia: Joe sculpted a monster mask for Don Post Studios (“Schizoid”), once operated the front half of beloved Muppet, Snuffleupagus, and swam with a 7-foot Tiger Shark (not intentionally)! Joe lived for many years in "Horrorwood, Karloffornia" where he cared for the late 92-year-old genre legend Forrest J Ackerman in the Ackerminimansion of Sci-Fi, Fantasy & Horror movie memorabilia. Joe Moe's day job is as Creative Director for 3MAC STUDIOS where he's gleefully occupied in development, writing, design and direction of intriguing movies like RED VELVET, WASTED SPACE and other existing and "coming soon!" Indie-gems.