Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Story Thus Far...

Starting soon J. Travis Grundon Dot Com will be opening for special guest bloggers. I have already talked to several good folks about gracing us with their words. I'm very excited to have these people drop knowledge on my small, but loyal fiends!

I'm really trying to kick off 2010, with a big boot, as I team with my friends Justin Brock-Jones and Robert Freese for a B&N Book Signing. The guys and I will be in my old stomping ground of Evansville, Indiana with copies of Forrest J Ackerman's Anthology of the Living Dead and news on our next collaboration, new publisher and upcoming solo projects.

Speaking of Forrest J Ackerman's Anthology of the Living Dead...
The Preditors and Editors Readers Poll is in full swing and I'm extremely pleased to announce that I have been nominated for the Best Book Editor of 2009, for my work on this book.

I admit I did not do the bulk of the technical editing on this book, but the book was my idea and I am the one who pulled this interesting collection of authors together. I'm not implying that I am in any way more important than anyone else in this book. Most of the stories are even better than mine, in my opinion.

If you want to know why you should vote for me or the book in the readers poll, it's because the story of this book is just as crazy as many of the tales held within.
The Anthology of the Living Dead was spawned from zombiefriends.com and their sea of aspiring authors. I thought it would be a swell idea to combine these authors into a book, to promote zombiefriends. My idea for funding the production of this book was to offer horror stores (i.e. Fear Werks, Scars Magazine, Horrormerch) an ad in the book, for a small fee, designed to go toward the publishing cost.

Due to a struggling economy, and other tough times, even the people who wanted to contribute couldn't. The book remained in limbo, but I refused to give up on the idea, and continued to collect new authors and zombie tales. Eventually one version of the book was picked up by Triad Book, and later Hidden Gate Books. Both companies left us high and dry on a cloud of lies. This is something that made me look like a liar and made some people think the book was never going to be published. Some authors even pulled their stories and we lost two different editors

With much loss, two failed publishers, and two bullshit release dates, I sat at conventions and book signings where people were looking for this book, and were promised to see it. I can even admit that I was brought to tears, when the book didn't come out on the first scheduled date. At this point a lot of editors would have given up, but I felt good about the title and the 7 stories we still had. The only thing I could do was enlist new authors and find us a new publisher, but it wasn't until Joe Moe informed me that Forrest J Ackerman wanted to be attached to this book, that it really all fell in place.

We had new life and new stories from Robert Freese, Del Howison, Axelle Carolyn and our new co-editor L. B. Goddard.

Things really picked up when Black Bed Sheet Books agreed to publish us and we hit store in late 2009. Since then the weight of advertising and getting the word out on this book has fallen on myself and the other authors. Out of the 15 authors in the collection only a handful have really shared my excitement, and done the foot work to promote it. I understand that in most cases it's the publisher who does the bulk of the promotion, but that is not the way BBS Books works. It is a small company that doesn't have the resources, a larger publisher has.

This is not a jab at BBS, any of the other editors or any of the authors in the anthology. It is just the way it is.

With the story told, I have made it my personal goal to get the word out and make this book the most successful book it can be. That is why you should vote for me. Not to feed the ego of one guy, but more to vote for the guy who put countless hours, tears and sleepless nights into making sure this book saw print.

Please vote for J. Travis Grundon Best Book Editor or 2009


Forrest J Ackerman's Anthology of the Living Dead for Best Anthology of 2009



Matty by Cassandra Lee for Best Horror Short Story of 2009


If Forrest J Ackerman's Anthology of the Living Dead wins, one lucky voter will win a FREE signed copy of the book!!!

Fingers crossed, and appreciative for all of the support
- Travis