Monday, December 21, 2009

What's NEWs?!

Thanks to my good friend, Brandon Bennett, there is a new J. Travis Grundon fan page on Facebook. I'm not really sure if I warrant a fan page, but I would hope that everyone who checks out this website would join. Brandon has committed his time to this, and I would like to see it be successful.

In other news, there has been a little progress on the new (NaNoWriMo) book. I have deconstructed a great deal of it, but I think it is coming along well, after the addition of a some new content. It is still untitled, but I look forward to that changing as soon as it's finished. I have few names rolling around in my head. Something has to click soon.

The funniest thing about the new book, Eclectic Collection and this website, is my lack of quality time each of these projects require. It seems like a lack of free time has been the plague that has impacted writing and editing time. I have been told more time than I can count that I need to stop taking on so much, but I can't stop the flux of creativity or drive to produce all of my ideas. One day soon they will all three be available, and I'll fill my plate with more ideas.

The one thing I keep getting emails and messages about the most is, the next anthology. People are already asking if there will be an Anthology of the Living Dead 2, or another great horror collection, coming out soon. I have to admit that I had a long hard road on Forrest J Ackerman's Anthology of the Living Dead, but I also made some great friends and a quality book. So is there another collection coming down the pipe?

Yes..there are 4.

Things are coming together with a new publisher, to produce 4 short story collections in 2010. The catch is that only 2 of them will be horror. I will be working with Joe Moe, John Taff and a few new authors to build these new books. I would like to offer another great cast of writers that were not featured in the Anthology of the Living Dead, but I'm open to submissions from anyone, once I post the guidelines. I would never ignore a brilliant author or a great offering.

As I've said numerous time, I have cut my teeth on horror, but I'm looking forward to biting into other genres. Other than the few non-horror tales in Eclectic Collection, my next attempt will be the next anthology. Each author will be asked to look at the selected Michael Mullen photo and write a 1000 word short inspired by the picture. The book will be called 1000 Words and it will be a collection of short stories of all genres from romance and mystery to horror and general fiction. Stay tuned for more details.

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- Travis